Welcome To Bojangles FC

Cajun Filet Army...United!

Hola! Welcome to the online home of the Cajun Filet Army. If you want to know exactly how Bojangles FC and the Cajun Filet Army came to be, I suggest that you check out our spiffy new “About” page. Basically, four guys had some beers at a bar in Durham and decided that the Carolina Railhawks, who will never be referred to by their real name in a post ever again, were stupid. We decided to start the Cajun Filet Army and the Bojangles FC campaign for a few reasons. One, the Railh**ks need some rowdy supporters who get drunk and curse a lot. Two, the Railh**ks need some investment and we’re hoping that our favorite fast food chain would be down. Three, the Railh**ks deserve to get made fun of for having such a stupid name. Four, U.S. Soccer needs a blog where some snarky assholes make fun of the stupid crap that happens and dish out some realness.

Obviously, this site is a bit of a work in progress, hence it currently looking like a basic WordPress site. Hopefully we can work out some improvements in the near future. We do currently have a twitter page, and I recommend that everyone checks that out.

One of our campaigns was going to be the eradication of Swoops, but the children of the Cajun Filet Army’s founding members are a big fan of the Railhawk…whatever the hell that is. Swoops will be spared, but we suggest that he is supplemented with our new mascot, Beau, the giant talking Cajun Filet Biscuit. If this is not possible, we would also be fine with the new mascot being a gigantic cup of sweet tea.

As we get closer to the NASL season, we’ll be organizing tailgates, writing songs to sing at the games, etc. For now, this site’s purpose is almost entirely snark. We hope you enjoy it and stick around.

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2 Responses to Welcome To Bojangles FC

  1. Hey, I named the RailHawks but want to be a part of the Cajun Filet Army.

    Is that a conflict of interest?

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