In the summer of 2010, four guys living in the North Carolina Triangle metro area sat down for a few beers at a bar in Durham. The subject of the United States Division 2 soccer team in our area came up, and we proceeded to make fun of their ridiculous name for about 30 minutes. We started thinking, is there a team with a dumber name than the Carolina Railhawks? Someone mentioned the Montgomery Biscuits, a minor league baseball team, and we thought that the Cary Biscuits would be a swell name for our local soccer team. The joke grew more and more elaborate, with someone suggesting that Bojangles, a local spicy chicken and biscuits chain restaurant, would make a fantastic sponsor for the shirt. Finally, we agreed that Bojangles should just buy the team and re-brand it Bojangles FC.

Little did we know that less than six months later, the CEO of magicTalk, the company that makes the magicJack phone plugin and service, would purchase a Women’s Professional Soccer team and consider re-branding it as magicTalk FC. Some people were outraged and most were just mildly annoyed, but it seemed like everyone understood what was going on and was okay with a team being named after a corporation if it meant the former Washington Freedom and WPS stayed alive. Suddenly, Bojangles FC didn’t just seem like a stupid joke anymore.

From now on, we will not be referring to the Carolina Railhawks by that name. Henceforth, they will be referred to as Bojangles FC. This serves a couple of purposes. One, we get to make fun of the dumbest team name in all of professional sports. Seriously, someone tried to tie history to Cary? It’s f**king Cary. Two, lower division soccer in the United States is really unstable and the team we call Bojangles FC needs investors. Maybe if people like this enough, Bojangles might actually pump some money into our local soccer team.

This blog is going to take a mostly satirical look at soccer in the United States, offer some blunt criticisms, and probably be kind of douchy. Hopefully we can offer a voice on soccer in the United States that is as funny as it is a dose of real talk.


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